Ha ha, you might try to clean up Gateshead, but too little too late!



Decayed articles, such as rags, cordage, papers, old clothes, hangings should be burnt; filth of every description removed, clothing and furniture should be submitted to copious effusions of water, and boiled in strong ley; drains and privies thoroughly cleansed by streams of water and chloride of lime; ablution of woodwork, should be performed by a strong ley of soap and water; the walls of the house, from the cellar to the garret, should be hot lime-washed, and all loose and decayed pieces of plastering be removed.

Free and continued admission of fresh air to all parts of the house and furniture should be enjoined for at least a week.


  1. Read the source carefully and complete the following table. The first line has been done for you
  2. What did they recommend that people did for at least one week?
  3. Using everything you have just learnt about cleanliness. What do you think people at the time thought was the cause of cholera?
Offending item What was done to it? Why? Do you think this would have stopped the spread of cholera? Why/Why not?
Old rags/clothes Burnt To destroy them No, cholera was not spread by dirty clothes

Did you know?

Cholera cannot spread from person to person.

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