All means tending to restore the circulation and maintain the warmth of the body should be had recourse to without delay. The patients should be immediately put to bed, wrapped up in hot blankets, and warmth should be sustained by other external applications, such as repeated frictions with flannels and camphorated spirits; poultices of mustard and linseed (equal parts) to the stomach, particularly where pain and vomiting exist; similar poultices to the feet and legs to restore their warmth. The returning heat of the body may be promoted by bags containing hot salt or bran, applied to different parts of it.


  1. Carefully read the source. What is a poultice?
  2. What does the Government recommend that you should put in the poultice?
  3. Why is the Government suggesting that a poultice should be used?
  4. Do you think it would cure cholera? Why/why not?

A tincture is an old fashioned word for a medicine. As there was no NHS no one checked how effective medicines were. Many dishonest people created tinctures and claimed they would cure cholera. As no one knew what caused cholera, no one was able to cure cholera in 1831/2.


It has been the means of saving innumerable lives, and never known to fail in the cure of Spasmodic Cholera, if one dose only be taken on the first symptoms appearing. It is equally efficacious in Dysentery, and all Spasmodic Complaints of the Stomach, of which the most respectable testimonials can be given, if required.

This Tincture is so innocent in its nature, that it may be given to an Infant, being free from Laudanum or any deleterious drugs. It will keep any length of time and in any climate without losing its efficacy; it is therefore strongly recommended to all Persons, Captains of Vessels, and others, going abroad.


  1. What is being advertised?
  2. Why do you think people might buy it?
  3. Do you think it would work? Why/why not?
  4. How might the selling of this miracle cure affect how people viewed doctors?

Did you know?

You can reduce the chance of getting cholera by getting vaccinated against the disease.

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